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of the border the government has control of. but the obama administration threw that concept out. janet napolitano said it was archaic. they're coming up with a new super-duper measurement called bci, border condition index, and they've been working on it three years, and congress asked them, how is it going we have to have a measure of border security. is it ready yet? and the department of homeland security official said, no, it's not ready, and by the way, it won't measure border security. never was intended to. it just left lawmakers, both democrats and republicans, just stunned at the hearing on wednesday and now they don't know exactly how they're going to certify the border to be secure. >> neil: that a big problem because really, contingent with getting a lot of conservative republicans in particular toward reforming immigration and providing however you want to describe it, an ultimate pathway to citizenship for the millioned of illegals here, a lot of them will swallow it if they have a sense they're going to tight 'down and secure the border, and promises are not good new yor
obama defended his administration's reluctance to use military force to quell the syrian civil war. >> when we are working with the syrians themselves, so this is not externally imposed, but rather something that is linked directly with the aspirations of the people inside of syria, it will work better. lou: the king has also said the same. inside jordan comment they are the they delivered with answer should bashar al-assad we powers. >> we need to institute a transition as quickly as possible. if the issue ever came up, all of us would have to put our heads together and figure out if that would help the balance quickly. lou: the senate in the midst of a vote. their expressions, not ours. a senate budget bill being passed for the first time in more than four years. the congressional budget act of 1974 was signed into law. we will be taking that up with the "a-team." angela mcglowan, james toronto and doug schoen. our first guest is here to evaluate obama's middle east tour. today's focus on the enormous price on jordan as a result of the syrian civil war. joining me now is judith m
departments at great risk. just what the obama administration needs with all that ammo. what are they up to? then we have the liberal left coast striking again. stanford university strikes a popular pro capitalism course from its curriculum. yet it keeps one that is anti-free market. what is up with that? this is what passes for free speech out there. david horowitz will weigh in. small business may be bracing obama care making some companies less profitable once the law takes full impact. in fact "new york times" did a case study today on baked in the sun, a california bakery. the company could lose a staggering 65% of its annual profits all because of obama care. so, here with us, rachel shine is the owner of baked in the sun. our panel is still with us. miss shine thank you very much for coming on. 65%. how you going to stay in business? >> i hope we can. it's a matter of weighing our options and figuring out what the best thing to do is. i mean frankly our employees need health care. they work very hard. they should have. they need to be able to have health care for their families. the
at least that president obama and the obama administration will get involved and actually help in negotiating a two-state solution. >> we brought you the president's unscripted remarks at the top of the show. how is that being received in the israeli press about the children of the palestinians? >> reporter: many israelis, it depends on who you talk to, really. the israelis, they, too, are very divided when it comes to the palestinian issue. many israelis agreed with president obama and they do feel that there should be a two-state solution. that that would be in the best interest of israel itself to have a nation side by side with the palestinian state, two states that can actually get along. there have been some skeptics as well, people who believe that there may not be a way to negotiate peace because the animosity between the two sides have grown as the decades have gone by. >> nbc's atia abowi, thank you. >>> the prospect of peace is no less he lucive in syria where the civil war there is only intensifying. a devastating bomb blast tore through a mosque in the capital yest
years of real tension between the israeli government and the obama administration. now the tough work begins now on moving this forward. and there really isn't a framework yet. there isn't a process yet ahead. and that's to come. secretary state kerry will return to jerusalem tomorrow. and one can expect a new push here today. here. but it's -- >> could king abdullah play a key roll if there is in the future a u.s. led peace push? >> he's going to have to play an essential role, because the other state that has signed a peace treaty with israel is egypt. and we know from the political changes that have occurred there in the wake of the arab spring that morsi has taken a much tougher line with israel and i think it very unlikely that egypt will play a historic role in trying to help out in a peace process. so it's going to fall more on king abdullah's shoulders in jordan. and that will be a big part of president obama's discussions with the king tonight and tomorrow along with the crisis in neighboring syria. >> let's talk about syria. let's start request the fact that i think 450,000
. +h >> jon: welcome back, everybody. as many pundits will tell you the obama administration is a fascist, socialist marxist dictatorship from which there can be no escape other than death. or is there another way out? jessica williams has more. >> with the divisive election behind us america's citizens are moving past partisan talking points to engage in a reasonable discussion of -- >> i hate the united states government. >> really? >> yes ma'am. >> why? >> because they are trying to oppress us. the united states government is retiring. >> right, okay. >> so apparently in texas people like larry and lynn are tired of living under the jackboot of a democratically elected government hell bent on stripping them of freedoms they hold dear. >> one of the things that texas is loves, you can still talk -- allows, you can still talk on the cell phone and text while you are driving. >> really? >> yes, that's how much freedom texans want to keep. >> and if we can't even decide on things like that, they are huge tyrants. >> jon: what does the word tyrant mean to you as opposed to what
and thoroughly illegal under the law and what that the obama administration bought the strawman and sent the guns into mexico. and the brother wasn't prosecuted even though he committed a straw man purchase, i believe it's a federal felony. and if they enforced the law, the existing laws, we'd have a lot more impact on criminal behavior. if you tell me that anybody who is seeing a psychiatrist now, anybody whose h's talking prozac or xanax should be banned from buying a gun, we're talking an awful lot of americans. >> alisyn: it's a tough one. we'll see how the senate handle it and individual states tackle this as well. thanks for your perspective. >> the good news, the senate dropped the so-called assault weapons ban. thanks, alisyn. >> alisyn: thank you. one classroom controversy in texas and a mother finds out her child is taught that the u.s. may have itself to blame for being the target of repeated terrorist attacks. and that's only the first problem she found. a professional wrestler turns real life super hero as his mother was held hostage in her own home. how he literally moved the earth
secretary of defense in the obama administration. i appreciate both of you taking the time. let me start with you, colonel. $200 million also equals half the amount that was just cut from head start programs before spending cuts. so that's 35,000 low-income kids that could good back into early education programs. i'm just using that to give an example for this. can the obama administration give gitmo $200 million without seeming utterly hypocritical? >> i don't know how you do it. we had a plan back years ago to spend $120 million to build a complex at guantanamo. we were told it was a temporary facility and it was nuts to spend that kind of money so they built a $12 million temporary facility instead. as you say, when we're in a time of sequester and cutting money to spend that kind of, you know, almost a quarter billion dollars to detain in essence 80 men is outrageous. >> it seems shocking. rosa, when you look at the -- you said the $49 million they swant for high value detainees. there are 16 detainee that's fall in that category. so $49 million for the new facility is $3 million per
first. this flies in the face of what the obama administration has been saying. >> i would say consider the messenger. there is no question that they are telling people that your rates will go up and premiums will rise. they know that these changes will create more competition because consumers will be able to log onto an easy website, have a lot more choices on who they want to ensure them. dagen: fried, they are not making it up. they face a lot of restrictions. they also have the reduced ability to set rates based on age. that, obviously, you will have higher premiums as a young healthy individual because you have to bear the cost of that. >> that is not the case. dagen: i am asking brad. >> rates have already gone up. they went up even before obamacare had passed. they have to create huge reserves for the new people who are coming on board. my rates have already gone up. they are telling their brokers, look, not only will your business model change, but rates will increase for your customers yet again. the government has created such restriction on the marketplace. it is no longer f
. the reason? they're home schooling them. now the obama administration is turning its back on them as well. we'll be right back. understand our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. [ female announcer ] hey ladies, you love it, you gotta have it. cinnamon toast crunch. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. [ slurps ] [ chuckles ] everybody craves those crazy squares. on a my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. for current and former military members and their families. get advice from the people who share your values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. >> anna: 7:00 o'clock on the east coast. good morning to you. i'm anna kooiman filling in for gretchen carlson. it's friday, march 22. a fox new
night they lost that. in 2010, get ready for this. the obama administration has been so straightfoard and honest. nancy pelosi, harry reid, they have been honest people of public service. the cost of obamacare is now, that was just the early estimate. it had moved up to $1.1 billion. did i say billion? trillion dollars. $1.2 trillion. >> look at this, quite interesting adjustments. $1.1 trillion. than $1.2 trillion. well, the current estimate is $1.3 billion. the pattern will continue. twenty-one new taxes. twenty-one new taxes that will amount to $675 billion. this is getting expensive. among the most controversial, 2.6% tax. another $43,000. house republicans voted last summer to repeal this that they had installed it in th senate. senator orrihatch renew the effort today. he introduced a bipartisan amendment with nine democratic cosponsors to roll back that medical vice attacks. so what about presidentspromised to cut health care insurance premiums? $2500 per family. one study commission that obamacare will increase the cost of a family plan by $7200. do any of you remember the ori
the israeli government is interested in occupying a ron and i do not -- iran and i do not think the obama administration wants to do so. but it seems the strategy is to make some surgical strike to knock out the iranian pat -- iranian it's your capacity. -- nuclear capacity. is that possible for an example of faith based strategy? you have raised the importance of understanding how the opponent will respond. what is the likely response of the iranians to what is -- to what we hope will be a surgical strike? >> i will deal with iraq and iran then there is another issue i will address. who bears this possibility? fairly the answer is obvious. we do. we started the war. the iraqis did not attack us. we went in. some may say for legitimate reasons, others miss a dubious reasons. some, like myself, for fraudulent reasons. we started its of the arrest of will for what happened. -- so we are responsible for what happened. i wish we had done better carry it -- we started it so we are responsible for what happened. i wish we had done better. i wonder how they look at us in that connection. every w
back on track, which, of course, the obama administration failed to do in the first term. john, diana. >> and that trip coming to an end later on today, alex marquardt, thank you so much for that. >>> a suspect in the murder of colorado's prison chief has been killed and shot in a shootout in texas. >> he has been identified as evan spencer ebel, an ex-con and a member of a white supremacist gang. >> he's also suspected of another murder in the area. abc's brandi hitt has more. >> reporter: the manhunt for tom clements' killer in colorado may have ended in this brutal crash and shootout near decatur, texas. >> it could be related to the prison murder in colorado. >> reporter: deputies pulled over this crumpled cadillac with colorado plates thursday and say the driver opened fire hitting a deputy in his bulletproof vest. after a high-speed chase, the suspect then crashed into an 18-wheeler and tried to flee when he was shot in another gun battle. >> he wasn't planning on being taken alive. >> reporter: the boxy two-door car closely matches the description of a vehicle seen tuesday nigh
approach to the notion that there's some separation between the obama administration and israel. that was never true, and it was proven completely untrue today with this speech. >> you know, i heard an argument once between two folks who were pro israel. and one said, you know, a true friend stands with you in a fight, and the other one said, yes, that can be true. but it's also true that if you're having the same fight over and over and if you lose the fight, you might not -- you might go away. a true friend tries to stop the fight. and i think obama today was part of the -- he was that kind of true friend. and i think a lot of friends of israel want to end this conflict. >> ej, dionne, thank you very much for joining us tonight. alex wagner, i need you to hang around for one more segment. can you do that? >> you got it, lawrence. >>> coming up, why senator dianne feinstein's opposed assault weapons ban is not dead. i know everyone is telling you to forget about it, it's over, that is not true. i'll tell you why. >>> also the best television interviewer in history is here to te
-president. that was the problem with election day for you, trying to blend the obama administration for the mess in this country, where the public overwhelmingly believed it was george bush and republican congress have made that mess. >> i would suggest that romney did not do a good job of letting people have the facts that would cause them to hold the obama administration accountable for their policies. i do not take the difference and what you are saying -- >> before these two begin wrestling -- we want to expand the conversation because we want to include questions. >> i am sorry, but having worked for governor romney and president bush, i feel obliged to make a couple of points. >> take your time. [laughter] >> the bush library opens next week, and i believe as people look at his record compared to president obama's record, it will stack up very well, and history will be kind to him. in terms of governor romney, there are things the campaign did wrong. there is a lot of reflection on that. i think governor romney would have made a good president, and i would say also in terms of lessons learned, one of the
the refugees coming in from syria. why is that important for the obama administration? >> judy, when i said there were two of the three allies in the region, the third most important ally there for the united states is jordan, a tiny country, but punches above the weight. jordan security forces and intelligence forces are excellent. and i described in the earlier piece some of the role it's playing. but king abdullah's on somewhat shaky ground, the economy is bad, and part of the problem is the refugees are a huge pressure point as the king sort of eloquently said today. few of us saw the foreign minister this afternoon who said it's almost as if-- he said it's as if another eight or nine, the king said 10% has been added to our population. the foreign minister said eye asked him the question the king was asked, would you ever shut your doors? and he said we just can't do that. but i have to say my nightmare scenario is i get a call at 3:00 a.m. and i'm told there are 50,000 refugees at the border, what do we do? >> margaret, just to wrap up quickly, we know the bulk of the president's time
zbigniew brzezinski criticized the obama administration handling of the syrian civil war and discusses how the west should respond to iran's nuclear program. >> we have explored now and some .ep the state of iraq today we have looked at what the war has cost the american taxpayer and the american economy and how that relates to the fiscal problems that we are facing today. we turn now to the geopolitical lessons of this conflict. i think the heart of this discussion. one of the great strengths of this nation, indeed i would say one of our defining characteristics, is the americans' willingness, inclination, capacity always to look to the future, to embrace it. that ability has driven our growth for several centuries and certain accounts for some of our greatest achievements. but it has a heavy cost. and that cost is that we are far too quick to turn the page and to leave our past behind relatively unexamined. edmund burke over 250 years ago who warned that those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it. i must say, always thinking about that this week when i read a poll that 45% o
provision banning assault weapons which is a priority of the obama administration. however, reed said he will allow debate on the ban as an amendment to the bill. today, vice president joe biden, the administration's point man on getting congress to act, met in new york city with mayor michael bloomberg, himself an outspoken proponent of stricter gun control laws. they were joined by families of the victims of the school massacre in newtown, connecticut. biden pushed against the national rifle association, others who are trying so far successfully to block new laws, including a ban on assault weapons. >> three months ago, a deranged man walked into sandy hook elementary school with a weapon of war. that's what he walked in with, with a weapon of war. and that weapon of war has no place on american streets and taking it off america's streets has no impact on one's constitutional right to own a weapon. >> the parents of grace mcdonnell, one of the newtown children killed, they were there today. grace's mom said they have a responsibility to their daughter to fight for change. >> this isn't
's notebook looks at the challenge for the obama administration to bridge the understanding gap on what americans actually know about the affordable care act. all that and more is on our website hari? >> sreenivasan: and that's the "newshour" for tonight. tomorrow night, part three of our series about how high speed broadband connections are changing our communities. i'm hari sreenivasan. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. we'll see you online and again here tomorrow evening with mark shields and david brooks, among others. thank you and good night. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions captioned by media access group at wgbh >>>
to do voluntary things. if you look at how much money, because it sort of with the obama administration, all the science you're talking about that has shown how addictive it is. there's a push to do something about this. in the obesity trends, saw the food industry doubling its lobbying money. you saw them reclassify pizza as a vegetable. you saw them kill -- the kill this sugar salt and fat, limits in marketing to children, on the other hand you see let's move and voluntary labelling. >> taco bell was trying to get food stamps to be able to spend it on tacos. >> the affordable care act is a significant victory in this regard, not only did it fund preventive care, which went into making sure that people knew what they were putting in their bodies. but it also advanced the availability of nutritional standards for people going out and purchasing food. you could see exactly what you were ingesting, and those are two underreported aspects of the affordable care act. >> which sees its anniversary saturday. we have to leave it there. that was an awesome discussion, i'm not going to eat dorit
by the minute. democratic senator carl levin and republican senator john mccain have urged the obama administration to use patriot missiles to degrade the assad regime's air power and the chair and ranking members of the house intelligence committee have introduced a bill calling for the administration to arm syrian rebels. asked today about whether the united states would provide a more aggressive military response to the syrian crisis, the president would only say this. >> the united states often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in militarily then it's criticized for going in militarily. and if it doesn't go in militarily then people say why aren't you doing something militarily, and, you know, my response at this stage is to make sure that what we do contributes to bringing an end to the bloodshed as quickly as possible. >> joining me now is nbc's peteral exandriny. >> the president wraps up his four-day visit to the middle east tomorrow. with renewed pressure to handle the crisis in syria, a nation he's not visiting, what is the effect of this trip been on that issue,
: when you think of all the different ways which this administration, obama administration is almost transfixed by the european model, whether it is in health care, obamacare, whether it is in the vast increase in the social welfare state, i'm just wondering if they now are looking to europe as a model for what to do with us? now we haven't reached, obviously we're far away from the cyprus kind of crisis dimension of crisis with our debt problems but if we move closer to them, would we borrow from those solutions if you will? >> they will certainly look at them. thankfully our banking system is much better shape than the european ones. look what they're doing with dodd-frank? those regulations are so extensive, so vague, smaller banks are really under the gun. the administration likes the idea of having a handful of big institutions, make it easy to regulate. doing same thing in health care. david: they claim dodd-frank is about ending too big to fail. >> it codifies it. no regulator would say i'm asleep at switch when something happens. they will hold hearings with jpmorgan, trade g
, a panel looks at how the small business community has been affected by obama administration policies. this was moderated by carly fiorina. the forum is part of the annual conservative political action conference held in maryland. we will show you as much of this as we can until the senate gavels in this morning at 9. [applause] >> well, thank you and good afternoon to those of you who are hanging in here. thank you for hanging in here. of we have a really exciting and fun panel for you this afternoon as the title suggests. we are not here to discuss the future of the republican party, actually, we are here to talk about the state of american business. [applause] thank you. [laughter] last year when i addressed cpac, i actually talked about technology, and i talked with you about technology because it has fundamentally altered the pace of change for our communities and for our nation, because technology empowers the individuals in truly historic ways, and technology also overwhelms large, centralized bureaucracies -- think our u.s. government -- rendering them over time increasingly i
opportunities, and i hope very much as we enter a second obama administration that the administration is going to have a greater and deeper focus on the importance of iraq and engage iraq more fully, more frequently, and at higher levels, because we have seen what happens when the relationship deteriorates, as it did after 1958, and particularly under saddam. with our military leverage gone, we need to take advantage of the agreement to increase our political leverage, not to make iraq do things, but to demonstrate to iraq that it has a partner, it has an ally, it has options other than looking to iran for all the reasons that emma sky just laid out. >> as you know, there is a limited bandwidth in washington in dealing with these issues, and part of the tragedy of afghanistan, was that we turned so much of our attention to iraq, and with the administration's focus in afghanistan, as well as a broader set of issues, it has come at a cost in dealing with iraq? >> as has been said in the past, we are a great power and we can do more than one thing at one time. there might be a bandwidth issue, bu
be a thing that would be a slowdown. >> all right. >> and the last is what will the obama administration do about shale, gas, and oil. my assumption is they will start granting export licenses. my assumption is they're not going to put in draconian measures that will interfere with the shale. to me that's the "game change"er. >> wilbur ross, another edition of your house. you built that big tall building. i've used that before. i have to come up with some new stuff. >> you need a new line, new music. >> are you doing the the brackets? did you do anything with basketball. you're tennis. all right. thank you. >> thanks, joe. thanks, becky. >> thank you, wilbur. >>> when we come back, we'll talk about what energy drinks and chip makers have in common. i'm not sure if we mean potato chip makers or chip-chip makers. >> darius. >> more music for roger. it is the most wonderful time of the year. but move over, santa. real estate agents are the stars of this season's show. we'll talk housing and spring signs. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the uni
to help finance the national health care law in the early part of the obama administration. the reason it's spring training is that budget resolutions themselves are not lost. so these are not binding votes, but they're a way to test sent ims for what they make later on and that's what we're seeing on the online sales tax situation. 48 states already have laws on the books requiring online retailers to collect state sales tax, but those laws are often ignored and you have a bill that has some bipartisan support that would require all states to collect those taxes. if split, the big box brick and mortar retailers from online sellers and it's also split some of the online community. amazon is supporting this, but ebay is against it. they're looking for a carveout for their business model. so what we're going to see is does this effort to collect these taxes have more than 60 votes? if it does, that's going give momentum to this cause later on in the congress, maybe give a push to the effort in the house although it's going to run into the difficult anti-tax sentiment in the house among repu
the home. everything you do on the web could soon be open to prying eyes. the obama administration is expanding an internet scanning program once restricted only to government networks. now steve hayes, senior writer, "weekly standard", fox news contributor has been looking at this and he is with me now. steve, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: big picture, you seem to be okay with this, is that right? >> i think we need to know a lot more about the details how exactly this will work and we need to know what kind of protections are set up to protect the privacy of average americans. no one wants the government to have access or the opportunity to scanning or reading their e-mails on one hand. on the other hand, when you look at nature of the cyber threat that we face on a daily basis, both in government and in industry and in our private networks, it's a significant problem and it needs to be addressed and i think address addressed forthrightly. bill: based on what you understand about this program it is looking for what then? in either your e-mails or your internet
the obama administration shouldn't expect sudden improvement in its dealings with china. >> there's very little that we really know about what si ping thinks, but we have to remember that he's inside a collective system. the politboro standing committee which is the apex of political power in china is dominated by the so-called conservatives, and in the chinese context, that means the hard line, anti-reformers. >> reporter: treasury secretary jack lew visited beijing earlier this week, imploring china to become a more responsible stakeholder in the global economy, that means stopping its intellectual property theft, its currently manipulation and most recently its sponsorship of the cyber attacks that uma mentioned. >> there'll be lots of problems ahead and a clear-minded, very honest, direct and tough approach is the right way to deal with the chinese government. i think that's the way president clinton and president george w. bush tried to do it. i know president obama has had a tough-minded approach as well. >> reporter: one positive note, published reports this morning say china last
to dictate our terms. >> sean: just pathetic and the bad judgment of obama and the administration was on full display earlier today. look at this, during a joint press conference with palestinian president mahmoud abbas, there's obama standing bee he low an enormous banner showing a picture of the man that many, including me, believe to be the father of modern terrorism. there it is, yasser arafat. now, what message does that send to the middle east with the leader of the free world is willing to stand in the shadows of that monster? joining me now with reaction to talk about this syndicated radio and television talk show host, a great american himself, billy cunningham is here and fox news contributor joe trippi. welcome back. >> good to be here, sean. >> sean: from my perspective, i don't think things could be worse in the middle east. and now we've got a president, the segment with rudy guiliani, cover the cross at georgetown, we've got to golfer the cross, but he speaks under the picture of a terrorist arafat and he's funding a terrorist regime led by a terrorist that thinks the israelis
. president obama says his administration and congress are working to provide $200 million in additional aid to jordan. that money will help humanitarian assistance to hundreds and thousands of refugees within the borders. >>> the faa says it will close about 150 traffic control towers because of budget cuts. >>> and investigators are working to determine whether the man killed at a texas shootout is related to the killing of colorado's prison chief and two others. back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." allow your mind to wander back to 2012, the republican primaries, and imagine mitt romney facing a right wing duo or duet of newt gingrich and rick santorum running together on anyone but romney ticket. could could he have won with that crowd double-teaming him? they actually held tucks together about joining forces and running on a ticket. they couldn't decide, this is the funny part on who would be the presidential candidate and the vice presidential candidate. so then the idea fell apart. one thing is for sure, a gingrich/santorum duet would have been a ser ren nad to obama he
. but there isn't. so there's nothing to be said. how dare hagel say it. now the administration's gonna make a big dilly-o about the fact that while he's over there, obama is going to get israel's highest civilian honor, the "presidential medal of distinction." but it's not that great, once you eat the chocolate. [laughter] and i'm not the only one who's suspicious of obama's committment to israel. so is the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. during the 2012 campaign, netanyahu all but endorsed obama's opponent-- what is your name? [cheers and applause] i know this. i know this. i know this. don't tell me. matz latke? bris schmaltzy? putz schmuckney? what, whatever. jim? >> prime minister netanyahu pretty much aligned himself with governor romney. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who really threw his full support, it seemed at times behind mitt romney. >> you know they've known each other since the 1970s when they worked together in a consulting firm. >> you've been a personal friend of mine and a strong friend of the state of israel. >> stephen: that might make obama's trip a little awchward
president obama's visit to israel and the west bank means that this administration is ready to engage in trying to restart the israeli/palestinian talks, that's a profound issue, it remains to be seen whether the obama visit in israel, which by all accounts was very successful, really means something on the peace front. on the peace talk front or whether it was just a very successful public relations and photo opportunity. and some very successful speeches. chris? >> thanks, andrea. now we're still awaiting a press conference. do we expect to start shortly between abdullah and president obama in ayman, jordan, we'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens. in the meantime all the action here in washington is focused on the u.s. senate. lawmakers are working through the weekend. finally on a laundry list of amendments attached to the democrats first budget resolution since 2009. and senate majority leader, harry reid, has guaranteed that universal background checks will be part of a final gun control package. they'll begin debating that when they return from their easter recess. joi
were hoping the loyal obama backer would be rewarded with a position in the administration. st so far, nada. >> we talked early on but what i've said is i want to finish my job. i only have a few weeks left as you said. i think a hundred and some odd days. and i've got a lot of work to do. >> but if he called you? >> once again -- >> hey, tony. >> when they call, when the president calls, you take the call. >> the grandson of a mexican immigrant villaraigosa has put himself in the middle of the debate over the hot issue of immigration reform. >> no human being is illegal. no human being should be illegal. this is one of the areas of real debate whether or not the 11 million who are here illegally should be given a pathway to citizen ship or if they should just be given a pathway to some sort of legal status. >> we ought to give them a pathway. i don't think anything calling itself comprehensive immigration reform will pass if it doesn't provide a pathway to citizenship. it should be earned. no question about it. >> you live in a media empire in california. and your personal life has b
, organization for action, is not only helping to push through the administration's radical left agenda. they're selling access to obama, $500,000 donation the high rolling donors to a quarterly heating with the chief. and including his campaign manager jim messina. and jason mattera confronted the obama henchman how he and his old boss attack fox news and rush limbaugh. >> and jason mattera, wanted to ask you a quick question. do you think it's becoming of the president to be constantlily attacking fox news and rush limbaugh? >> i don't think that's what he's doing. >> no? >> no, don't you read his interviews? he whines about fox news and rush, and don't you think it's childish to be going after a news network and a radio host. >> i'm sorry, this is an event-- >> i don't think that's what he's doing. >> you don't think he's attacking fox news. >> he's answering the question he was asked. >> sean: why is the people's house closed? that'sight. you have to donate $500,000, pretty unbelievable and he said it with a straight face. that's all the time. a special programming note tomorrow night on
. this was the main event of mr. obama's first trip to israel as leader of the free world. the president delivering what the administration called the centerpiece of the visit. the speech wasn't given in front of the israeli parliament where his predecessor spoke at his first trip, given at the convention center before an audience of students. the president's message was clear, peace is possible but in order to secure peace and security for the jewish state, compromise is essential. >> negotiations will be necessary but there's a little secret about where they must lead. two states for two peoples. two states for two peoples. there will be differences how to get there. there will be hard choices along the way. for the moment, put aside the plans and the process, i ask you instead to think about what can be done to build trust between people. >> mr. obama reassured israelis of america's commitment but also delivered some tough love. >> i also believe it's important to be open and honest, especially with your friends. politically, given the strong bipartisan support for israel in america, the easiest
minister during a meeting with president obama. this is a pretty significant development. it comes from two senior administration officials. prime minister netanyahu apologizing for what happened and admitting to operational mistakes, apparently relations are going to be normalized now. >>> in egypt hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside cairo headquarters of the muslim brotherhood today. they through molotov cocktails as police surrounded the building. >> state-run nile television says supporters of the muslim brotherhood hold a counterdemonstration. the police there acting as a buffer. >>> and big decisions, tough dilemmas. cyprus says the next few hours will be crucial. >> that's right. the island nation trying to save its very banking system. lawmakers will are working on a new proposal to raise money for a bailout. >> the deal can't come soon enough for cypriots. banks have been closed all week as cyprus sorts out its financial mess. for many people the situation really is pretty dire. >> think about what would you do if you didn't have any cash? and you didn't have a credit card
, president obama's mideast trip is filled with challenges. dealing with syria is the most imminent challenge. what can he do and how involved should he get? >> well, this was a huge concern for the administration. so they're really saying they're taking this with a lot of concern. of course, the tightening of what came out, there's no accident in any kind of politics and with very delicate negotiations on an issue. >> all right. kristina bellatoni with pbs news hour, thank you. >> have a great day. >>> now to other stories that caught our eye. we start in pennsylvania. a woman allegedly banned from the local family dollar for shoplifting came back with a peppery punch. security video shows an altercation when the woman wrestles with an even pepper sprays an employee, even worse, the woman brought her two young kids along and encouraged them to spray the worker while they were all fighting. >>> part of a west virginia interstate remains closed after a rock slide earlier this week spilled rubble on to the road. an engineer at the scene videotaped the dramatic scene as it happened. no word yet
nuclear weapons. president obama arrived in amman to a red carpet welcome and immediately had a lengthy meeting with the jordanian leader. >> today i'm announcing that my administration will work with congress to provide jordan with an additional $200 million in budget support this year as it cares for syrian refugees and jordanian communities affected by this crisis. >> before heading to jordan, the president spent a final morning in israel touring some of jerusalem's powerful cultural landmarks. at the grave of itzhak rabin. president obama also visited the holocaust memorial joining president peres and prime minister netanyahu as well as secretary of state john kerry as well. and in nearby bethlehem, president obama toured the church of the nativity. the biblical birth place of jesus. he did that with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. the president then held one more scheduled meeting with benjamin netanyahu before taking that 35-minute flight to jordan. martin fletcher has the very latest on that 50-minute news conference that we all saw there. martin, let's start with the ne
or obama administration, all of them are guilty. and the reason they're guilty is because we aren't raising the questions. so i'd ask my colleagues, you're going to get a vote on a lot of this stuff, a lot of my amendments have bipartisan support, but we're going to vote, you get to vote on whether you think we ought to eliminate duplication. you'll have 17 separate votes on that. i'll try to wind those into two votes. vote against fixing it and then go home and tell americans you want to raise their taxes a trillion dollars. the presiding officer: the senator's time has expired. mr. coburn: and you do not want to eliminate the stupidity going on in washington. i thank the chairman and the ranking member for the time. the presiding officer: the senator from virginia. mr. warner: i just want to take one moment before i yield time to the senator from delaware to --. the presiding officer: there will be no expressions from the gallery. mr. warner: i commend my friend, the senator from oklahoma, who has made this a passion. i would acknowledge this is a challenge that transfers between administ
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